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Credit cards are a means of payment that allows us to finance our purchases. If you are thinking about acquiring one, here you can know the different types of credit cards offered by the market . Choose the plastic that best suits your profile and your needs.

What types of credit cards can we contract?

The current card market has a wide range and they are all marketed by banks. Within the possibilities that we have at our disposal, there are types of credit cards that are divided by their advantages. Therefore, if we want to hire a plastic, we must know all types of credit cards and their characteristics.

The credit cards that we can see if we click on the “Compare” button have different characteristics and can be a good option to finance our purchases. With these plastics, we can reimburse the money at the beginning of the following month or in monthly installments. Thanks to these credit cards we can make use of the money for our purchases immediately and return it by means of two payment methods. One of the main characteristics of these plastics is precisely the flexibility they offer when it comes to reimbursing the capital employed.

On the one hand, it is possible to finance our purchases without paying interest with the modality of payment due month. In this way, the money that we have used we can return it at the beginning of the following month for free. With this option, no interest will be generated, which may be useful to make our purchases more affordable.

The other possibility is that we divide our expenses into monthly installments that cover the total payment of the employee’s money plus accrued interest. In this case, we can use the credit of this type of card assuming an interest rate that is usually around 20% TIN. Therefore, it is advisable not to extend the amortization in too many installments, because it would generate more interest and this could eventually lead us to pay a higher amount.

Types of credit cards with advantages

There is great competition in the current financial sector and, therefore, companies put many means to innovate their offers with the aim of attracting as many customers as possible. This phenomenon has only positively impacted us and, above all, we will notice it when we need a card since we will have a wide range of offers to choose from.

The cards without changing bank

One of the types of credit cards that we can find in the market are the cards without changing banks with which it is not necessary for us to disassociate ourselves from the entity in which we have already contracted any type of product. This type of card is characterized by no connection with the bank that sells the plastic. This allows us to enjoy the advantages offered by both the entity in which we contract the credit card and that in which we already have a certain degree of connection. The rest of the characteristics of this type of credit card are similar to those of other plastics, depending on the product and the conditions of the creditor bank of the same.

These credit cards are associated with a checking account that can be in another entity and work exactly like any other. Traditionally, banks used to force us to link through an account if we wanted to be a beneficiary of one of their plastics, but currently, there are many entities that sell credit cards without changing banks.

Credit cards with discounts

To continue knowing the types of credit cards that exist in the current market it is necessary to highlight the credit cards with discounts. These plastics work like any other, only one of its main advantages is that they allow us to obtain returns on purchases we make with them. In this way, it is possible to get the most out of our use of the credit card. However, these promotions are usually aimed at people who make purchases postponed in monthly payments.

Each bank offers its own discounts with these cards since they can be associated with different shops or establishments. So, in order to choose the best card for us, we must compare what offers we can get and which one suits us best. The discounts can be of different types, for example, it is possible to reduce the cost of our purchases in the shops that the entity establishes or that they give us a percentage refund or a bonus on our purchases. One of the most common advantages is the discounts on service stations and can be useful for us if we make large expenses in refueling frequently.

Free credit cards to avoid paying commissions

Free credit cards are plastic that allows us to immediately pay for our purchases with the same modalities as current cards. However, they offer an additional advantage and that is that with these plastics we will not have to pay commissions for emission fee or maintenance. In this way, it is possible to obtain this type of credit card for free, which represents a big plus point.

However, we must bear in mind that these offers may have a time limit and when this is over we would have to pay the cost of the maintenance commission once this time has run out. Hiring free credit cards sometimes depends on the conditions we are willing to accept. For example, an entity can condition us to adhere to special plans in exchange for getting the plastic for free. They can also establish a minimum consumption or any type of link, but this will always depend on the financial institution that commercializes the card.

Online credit cards for easy and convenient hiring

The other types of credit cards that we can find in the market are the online cards, which are the same as the rest but offer the advantage of being able to contact them through the Internet. In this way, we can request them in minutes and from any electronic device. Thanks to online credit cards we do not have to make any trips to the office to get this banking product, so we can do the process at any time and from our own home.

For the rest, online credit cards are like others, have the same financing possibilities and can also have bonuses and discounts. It is also possible that a card that is contracted online does not have any type of link with the entity. Therefore, if we want to choose a credit card it is possible to enjoy the amenities offered by a plastic that can be purchased online plus other advantages.

‘Revolving’, of the most peculiar types of credit cards

Revolving cards are possibly the least known type of card in the current financial landscape. However, its operation is even simpler than that of credit cards. But with the payday loan consolidation in missouri, we will have the option to consolidate loans.

Even so, depending on the company with which we contract the plastic, we can choose the way in which we are paying the debt over several months, among the following three options:

  • Monthly fee. We will choose a fixed amount that we will be paying each month, although the entity will mark a minimum so as not to lengthen the excess refund.
  • Monthly percent. We will select a fixed percentage that will be applied each month to the remaining debt and will result in the result that we will have to pay. Therefore, the amount to be amortized will be lower each month, until reaching a minimum established by the company.
  • For months We will mark the number of monthly payments in which we want to end the debt and we will pay a fixed amount equal each month until it is settled.

In addition, one of the great aspects that differentiate revolving cards is that they are usually accompanied by advantages, which can range from lower interest in fractioned purchases to a substantial saving in commissions.

Is it possible to find a perfect type of card?

If we are thinking about hiring a credit card, the most appropriate thing is that we establish the characteristics that we want the plastic to meet in order to find the one that best fits our needs and our profile. Therefore, to find the best card we will see what advantages it can have to be the most appropriate:

  • No commission: there are currently credit cards in the market that do not include fees for issuance or maintenance. In this way, we can enjoy our plastic without having to pay an extra euro.
  • With discounts: if we find a type of credit card that has discounts or discounts, we can take advantage of these promotions and thus make the most of the use of our plastic.
  • With special financing: some cards offer different financing methods to which we can take advantage of so that we can make purchases at the lowest possible cost.
  • With online and office contracting: if in addition to other advantages, the entity of the card allows us to also hire it through the Internet, we can save bothersome face-to-face procedures.
  • Without links: obtaining a plastic that does not require us to change banks is a great opportunity to maintain the current advantages offered by the entity in which we already have contracted banking products.
  • With a competitive interest rate: this is another of the fundamental aspects so that one card is more attractive than another since if we split our purchases in monthly installments, the TIN will determine the amount of interest to be paid during the reimbursement. Therefore, the lower the interest rate, the more affordable the return of the money will be.

Currently, there are types of credit cards that give us access to plastics with all these qualities, but to find them it is necessary that we compare between the different products offered by the market and thus we make sure that our choice is correct.

What other types of cards are there in the market?

If we are doubting if a credit card is the best option for our profile and needs, there are other types of cards that can better fit what we are looking for, such as the following:

  • Debit cards: cards that are associated with a current account and that allow us to pay for our purchases making use of the money that we have deposited in this account. If we are hesitating between a credit or debit card, one of the factors that can make us opt for one or the other is that with debit cards it is easier to control spending. This is so because the money we use is ours and with the credit, we are spending capital with which we do not physically count.
  • Prepaid cards: to use these cards we must first have recharged them with the amount we want to consume. These plastics do not have to be linked to an account and once we have exhausted the balance, the owner must re-enter the money he considers in order to continue using them.
  • Virtual cards: these cards are perfect to make purchases online since they are anonymous and it is not necessary that we insert our personal data. These plastics are virtual media with which to make payments by the amount we have recharged.

The choice of card that we will hire depends on what and how we are going to use it and the conditions we want to accept. Once we have this clear, we can look for the best offers to see what means of payment will be the one that best fits our expectations.

May 2011 – Max Alhau

Image result for Max Alhau

Max Alhau was born in Paris in 1936. He was professor of modern letters and head of mission for poetry at the University Paris X-Nanterre. Has devoted his doctoral thesis to “Gabriel Audisio, a Mediterranean writer” (Paris III, 1982). He is a member of the French PEN Club committee.

Poet, he has published about twenty collections, among the last ones:

  • At the rising night (Voix d’encre, 2001)
  • Proximity to far-off people (L’Arbre à Paroles, 2006, Charles Vildrac Award from the SGDL)
  • From Asylum in Exile (Voix d’encre, 2007, Prix Georges Perros)

Critic, he collaborates or collaborated in Other South, Diérèse, Europe, The NRF and is translator of the Spanish.



We say that the forest in the near
where we can sift through time.
Memory does not know ash:
we are captive of nothing
and even the thickets, the thorns
do not interfere with our march.

No haste is conceded to us.
The end or the origin, whatever the trajectory
since it’s always somewhere else
that we wear our eyes
and that the end of the journey,
we wish it unknown.

Whether you are here or further in time,
you do not know where the roots and the trees
denote immobility, the imperturbable.
You walk but you know that constantly
you will come back to your starting point.
You know that your memory is weakening
to resign himself to probing
which since ages is no longer
only a barely discernible trace.

A stone, a leaf and so many testimonials
became wandering words on the page:
you lost the object of your quest.
The cards are dumb, the journeys stowed away.
You are here or there but always away,
lost for your look and dumb
on a side road.

We would like to seize a branch of willow
or even a flower and say that a path
leads to the closest to oneself.
But trust is dwindling
we bet only on the invisible,
on summits that disturb the clouds.

That’s what counts,
a geography out of reach,
rivers with secret names, sunken islands.

That we walk, that we face emptiness
and we understand that the term accomplished,
it will be enough to turn around
for the lost places to be returned to us,
for memory to prevail
on the white and the absence forever shipwrecked.


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June 2013 – Marie-Clotilde Roose

Image result for Marie-Clotilde RoosePoet and philosopher. Gave birth in 2009 to his most beautiful poem: Emmanuel. Teaches in Hainaut. Created and animates Le Cercle de la Rotonde, promoting the meeting between beginners and confirmed authors, in partnership with several cultural places: today with the Library of Tournai. Website:

Publishes cultural articles, literary or philosophical criticism, poems, … Numerous publications in anthologies, including The New French Poets , by Jean-Luc Favre and Matthias Vincenot (Ed. Jean-Pierre Huguet, 2004), The Poetic Year 2005 (Seghers), Poets Today and The New French Poetry of Belgium (Liliane Wouters and Yves Namur, Le Taillis Pré, 2007 and 2009). Two collections published in 1994: The orange sun (The Tree with Words), The immense wall of the night (Characters). Then: The paths of patience (Brandes 2004, Prix René Lyr, Prix Geneviève Grand’Ry), Torment (The Taillis Pré, 2005, Prix Hubert Krains) and These fights so light (Les Pierres). Also practiced singing and radio writing (2 docu-fictions for France-Culture, including Temps barbares co-written with Claude Samuel), and wrote a short novel (unpublished), Journal de l’ombre , in residence of writing at the Academia Belgica in Rome (2006).



Cross these meadows
(tender freshness) after
the city: sweet breath
in the panting breath
tight days.

Come to you, on time
half-closed face
when desire and rest
play the scales
(very little fight)

Take the sleep of the meadow
and come down to you
along smooth grass
by these scents of earth
who reopen the present.
© Marie-Clotilde Roose

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Booksellers, petition support

Image result for bookseller

The association Poetry in freedom, association organization of the international contest of poetry in French language of the same name, open to the young people from 15 to 25 years of the whole world, is attached to the history of Paris and the valorization of its inheritance. Indeed, every year, the winners everywhere visit Paris, sensitive to what, too often, we do not see any more.

Poetry in freedom naturally supports the petition to register the booksellers of the Quays of the Seine to the National Inventory of the Intangible Cultural Intangible Cultural Heritage, a preliminary step to access the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

In order for us to continue to wander among the books, and not only among tourist souvenirs, it is important that this petition can be signed by a large number of people.

The association Poetry in freedom incites you there, simply for the beauty of Paris, city of the Letters and the Arts, and for the literature itself, its history and its future.

Matthias Vincenot, Artistic Director, Knight of Arts and Letters
Jean-Marc Muller, Founding President


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Poetry in freedom invited by Poetry and Song Sorbonne

Image result for Laura FlaneOur two associations opt for mutual support in the service of poetry. “Poetry in Freedom” invites young people between the ages of 15 and 25 to venture into writing and obtain their first letters of nobility by appearing in the annual anthology. “Poetry and Song Sorbonne” organizes poetry nights and song concerts throughout the year.

Writing can not do without reading, not to imitate, but to feed and find one’s own voice. The collaboration of our associations is therefore obvious.

On January 25, 2018, at the Sorbonne, in the prestigious Richelieu amphitheater, Brigitte Fossey and Pierre Fesquet gave one of the first performances of their show in preparation “In search of Victor Hugo”, superbly accompanied by Etienne Champollion

Young singer-songwriter Laura Flane presented her new songs from an EP (New EP) to be released in the fall.

Two previews, then, that night.

The evening opened with the reading of Laureate Poems 2017 of the International Poetry in Freedom competition, all published in the annual anthology, published by Bruno Doucey. The competition is open to 15-25 year olds from around the world, and the members of the jury, supervised by a different poet each year, are the same age. Some of them said winning poems that they themselves had chosen.

This meeting is the mark of a common will of popularization in the noble sense of the term, of poetry. It was a moment of great emotion. There will be others.

Jean-Marc MULLER, President of Poetry in Freedom
Matthias Vincenot, Artistic Director of Poetry in Freedom and President of Poetry and Song Sorbonne

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Poems Offered

President's Blog

The poem sent is a gift: how will it be received? With kindness, with skepticism or with tweezers? After all, it is a real risk where one exposes oneself, where one confides and where all intimacy is legitimate.

All donations call for a counter-gift to ease tensions, to pay a price in return. The prizes awarded are a part of the compensation. They do not reward all participants. So, and the others who are the vast majority? They have the right to silence, to protective anonymity. Nobody will ever know the name of the author without reward: neither the members of the reading committee or the jury, nor the organizers of the contest. The computer machine allows the secret storage of data and the hope of the maturation of the participant on the occasion of other deadlines. It is as if the poem remains in a secret notebook that would never leave the most secret drawer of the most withdrawn room.

But a counter-gift was made by reading the poems spread. Time has been offered. Each text caught the eye and was discussed. And it is precisely in this way that the risk taken is rewarded: a poet, an artist, a student, a former laureate and poetry enthusiasts spoke of each poem with respect, curiosity and benevolence, aware of the weight of their decision.

The gift with its counter-gift brings forgiveness. Forgive for not publishing more poems, sorry not to send thousands of young poets a message and an opinion, sorry to sometimes disappoint talents who already have a great track record under their belt! We hold out our hands to go together! To live the language, the fraternity, the meeting!

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Near and far

Image result for poetry

Caroline put her voice at the service of poetry: and the verb became flesh!

Its vibration makes it both near and far.

Spoken poetry, said to a physically present audience, acts in a way that is otherwise powerful: the artist is a substitute speaker who reacts to the slightest signal from the public, the sound of a chair, the muffled or irresistible laughter, the silence more dense. Reading draws new modulations, reacts with a new desire to touch and awaken.

The ear has no eyelid and can not escape the music and the creative force of words.

For the artist, speech is the subject of intense care and can not yield to the formatting of communication systems (different for a soap opera or for a newspaper article, but structured in number and level of language according to imperative statistical methods : the language of wood and the formatted language being one).

The ability to reach the audience arises from the text of the author and the talent of the person reading. René Char served by the talent of Caroline Beaune is a unique moment. I say “served”. Caroline never took credit for the performance. Too conscious of what she owed to the author, the cohort of comedians, teachers, artists who shape a culture.

The controlled emotion passes through the artist. He leaves the passage, gives priority to the highest tradition, to that which prepared the spirit of the public present to be receptive to the genius of the language and the sublime expression of the emotions.

The humility of great artists is not a minauderie. It comes from their awareness of their place in the great chain of living culture of a people. Caroline Beaune is one of them.

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November 2015 – Marie Borin

Progressive Anthology

Marie Borin is a writer, poet, novelist and playwright.

His lyrics mix traditional literary genres to put them at the service of writing and emotion. Each of us could be one of his characters, man or woman, child or adult. Their stories are inspired by facts of our society and their lives are made up of events and fundamental moments of the human being: childhood, love and friendship, hope and despair, the tragic and humor …

His work has been the subject of university studies, a conference at Cerisy-la-Salle …

His novel Félicité (Éditions l’Age d’Homme, 2005), a tribute to childhood martyrdom, received the Charles Brisset Literary Award.
His anthology of poems When the Dawn Ends (Éditions Les Écrits des Forges (Quebec) and Federop (France) 2008) received the Poncetton Scholarship from the Society of Literature (November 2008 Autumn Award). She was selected to represent France at the Trois-Rivières Festival (Quebec) in October 2009.
His plays Custody and What Will Become Saxa were selected by the Reading Committee of Associate Writers of the Theater to belong to his Repertoire.



On the shore of childhood embarrassed by shipwrecks
the sea kneads the exhausted shore
and against his pebbles comes thin the day
that a murmur of mist confuses with the night

You have not finished celebrating the dawn
nor this plot there of the horizon
from this door open to an elsewhere
towards a rebirth

You did not finish watching
to this scent of fire
nascent with the words
of hope

What’s left of you?
The wrinkles on the lake did not come from the wind
At the end of this path that your escape traced
what remains of you?


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January 2018 – Murielle Compère-Demarcy

Image result for Murielle Compere-Demarcy

Murielle Compere-Demarcy (MCDem.) Began to publish in 1991 in water, polypoétiques Notebooks (Paris). Author of 12 collections, especially in poetry but also in the writing of short stories and an essay to be published in 2017-2018 on the poetry of the poet-publisher Luc Vidal of Éditions du Petit Véhicule, she continues to appear in magazines including FPM – Permanent Festival of Words (reading in January 2017 of texts published in this review by Jacques Bonnaffé on France Culture in ” couriers & butterflies ” podcast), Les Cahiers de Tinbad , International Cahiers littéraires Phoenix , The New Literary Review to ed . Léo Scheer, Discharge , Poetry / First, Verso , Crossings , Poetry / Seine , As in Poetry , Thousand and One Poets from the Bullet Body Editions and Lines of Writing, La Passe , … Reading Note Writer for The Literary Cause , Texture , Phoenix , Crossings , Poezibao , …



The day turns the page

the last

-until the opening of the night


It is silent

Alone, the trees rustle


Take another reflection

-the mirror without tain-

a resemblance


Far off

animals live




try to feel




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December 2015 – Pedro Vianna

Image result for dark hoursPedro Vianna , born in 1948, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), has been living in France since the end of 1973, having been exiled to Chile since January 1971. Poet, playwright, translator, economist by training, former mathematics teacher he has been involved for some 40 years in the defense of refugees and migrants. Since 1999, he has been editor-in-chief of the academic journal Migrations Société .

He acquired French nationality in March 1980. In addition to publications in magazines and anthologies, all his poetic work is available on his website:




at dark hours

where in the forest of hands that stretch
we search in vain
the one we wanted to take

in sad hours
where all the thoughts of solidarity
slide on the floors of the past
to get lost in absent horizons

at the pitiful hours
where no more songs just sounds
vacillating between yesterday and tomorrow
taunting the infinite present

at absurd hours
where reason remains the only foundation
necessary derailments
to the survival of the indispensable madness

at dead times
Grinning white water
mocking and distant
insensitive to lustral prayers

at the bored hours
balance sheets closed without passion
transparent smooth cold
filed with the registry of courts of love

in simple hours
banal reality
of the collapsed daily
buried under completed comedies

it’s better to shut up
and continue

Paris, 14.IX.2014
in Without any help
Pedro Vianna


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